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This is our house!

Swedish map
We live in Sweden a bit outside of Stockholm and our home is at the red spot of the map!

Länsmansgårdens Kennel
Alexandra Wistrand

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We are members of the Swedish Kennelclub and the Swedish Poodleclub.
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We have a small breeding of toypoodle and dwarfpoodle in our home with lots of love and attention. Our gole is to breed healthy puppies with good temperament and good exterior.
We have been breeding dogs since 1986.
We check that eyes and knees are clear on our dogs before we breed them. Our dogs are also DNA tested for the PRCD form of PRA.
We try to breed the best quality from a small quantity.
Our poodlepuppies is born in the bedroom and they are used with children and different noises before they leave us. They have also been bathed, clipped and blowed with a hairdryer.The puppies are vaccinated against Parvo, Identity marked with a micro chip and a veterinary examine the puppies before we sell them. All puppies leave us with a pedigree from the Swedish kennelclub, foodlist, puppy food, carelist, a small blanket with scent from mum and siblings and some toys.
Our kennelname was registred 1961 by my grandmother and grandfather. You can read more of the origin here.