Show- and other results 2005

for dogs owned or bred by us

L. Lady Of Fortune, Fanny, became Bestbitch- 2 at the swedish poodle specialty
show at Sollentuna 2005- 10- 02. L. Donatello Ducati, Benson, came second in the juniorclass
with Honoursprize. Congrats Lisa you handled him very well!
Judge was Kerstin Nilsson, Denmark
Tilda BIR
L. Dreamcatcher Maiden, Tilda, competed in the puppyclass and she went BOB...
Tilda BIS-4
... and in the finals she became BIS-4!
She is so fun to show. Her tail is wagging all the time and sheis showing so well
in the ring. I can show her on loose lead and she stands frealy and
looks up at me tailwagging.
Judge was Lene Jacobsen, Denmark


3 poodles from Länsmansgården competed at the poodle specialty show at Högbo bruk 2005- 09- 03 .

Länsmansgårdens Donatello Ducati, Benson, competed for his second time in the juniorclass and he
came at second place with CK (certificat quality). He finally went Best male- 2 in great style.
Congrats Sirkka!
Länsmansgårdens Lady Of Fortune, Fanny, won the open class with CK and became third best bitch.
Judge was Franceska Christina, South africa.

Länsmansgårdens Dreamcatcher Maiden, Tilda made her debute in the puppyclass 4-6 months.
She got Honoursprize and in the finals she met the older 6-9 months puppy and she came at
second place. Tilda had a good day at her first show. Her tail was wagging, she said hello to
other puppies and she was very outgoing. She will be fun to show in the future.
Judge was Jackie Browning.
Gästrikland kennelclub had their international show the day after, also at Högbo bruk.

Fanny showed who was the winner and she took it all. She got CAC, CACIB, Best bitch and BOS.
She is now a swedish CHAMPION!!!
Benson came third in the juniorclass and got HP. Congrats.
Judge was Leif- Herman Wilberg, Norway.

Foto: Lovisa Wistrand
Länsmansgårdens Lady Of Fortune, Fanny, proved her luck at the swedish kennelclub´s
double- show at Gotland in july. She became third Best bitch at the international
show with CK (certificat quality), 2005- 07- 02. Judge was Ann Kristin Johansson.

CAC and BOB winner!

Foto: Lovisa Wistrand
Fanny competing in the group.
Fanny was really going for it at the national show the day after and she started with winning the
open class with CK (certificat quality). Then she became Best bitch and took her second CAC
and finally went Best of breed!

Judge was Conny Byström.

Fanny is looking more and more like her mother Ebba in the face for every day. We even called her
Ebba several times during our holiday at Gotland :-)
Länsmansgårdens Chippewa Chief, Casper, was also competing atGotland and he became second in
the open class with CK (certificat quality) and ended up as Best male nr: 4!

He came third in the open class at sundays show.

A big congratulation Lisa!
Casper has beautiful movements and an excellent headpiece with very nice expression.
He also has a lovely inky black coat of the right texture. Casper is a nice dog with
very good temperament.

Photo: Mia Book
Our little toyfemale Fanny, Länsmansgårdens Lady Of Fortune, competed at the Swedish poodleclub show
at Ljusterö, 2005- 06- 12 . She won the Openclass with CK (certificat quality),
became second Best bitch and got her first CAC! Good girl!
Benson 9 m.
Länsmansgårdens Donatello Ducati, Benson, competed for his first time in the juniorclass
only 9 months old and he won his class with CK. He became third Best male in
the Best male competition! That was a very good novice start!
A BIG congratulation to Sirkka och Benson!
Judge was Cathrine Lawton.
Maria competed in juniorhandling for her first time with Benson that was an unknown
dog for her but it went very well inspite of that and she came at fourth place.
Lots of congrats hugs!
You will be super at handling in the future. We will prepare Ada for you *smile*.
Länsmangårdens Shawnee Princess, Vilma, came at third place in her first official
agility competition at Vadstena Brukshundsklubb 2005- 05- 01! Well done Karin!
It feels so good that some of Ada´s "kids" now has started their agility caréers and that they
are doing it so well too. It´s warming my heart! You are so clever, both my "kids" and their new owners.
Linus has done it again!
Länsmansgårdens Legolas Greenleaf won both classes in agility at KM in Köping
2005- 05- 18 and became CLUBMASTER 2005! He also competed in Bro- håby BK,
2005- 05- 21, and there he won the jumpclass and
got his last
"moving- up" pin

This superguy has taken 6 "moving- up" pins in only 1 months time. From now on
he has to compete in the second class.

We wish them a big GOOD LUCK in the future! CONGRATULATIONS!

Linus CLUBMASTER 2005!
Photo: Högström/ Åstedt
Linus Jump class winner in Bro- Håbo Bk!
Photo: Högström/ Åstedt
Länsmansgårdens Chippewa Chief, Casper, was shown in Österbybruk, SKK, 2005- 05- 15. He came
second in the Open class with CK and finally became second Best male with R- CACIB!

Judge was Mikael Nilsson, Norway.
Big Congratulations Lisa!
Länsmansgårdens Legolas Greenleaf, Linus, competed in agility in Fagersta 2005- 05- 14.
He came at third place in the agilityclass and got his second "moving- up" pin!
He became fourth in the jumpclass and got his second "moving- up" pin there too!

He competed the day after too in Fagersta and then he won the agilityclass and got and got his
third "moving- up" pin.


Foto: Högström/ Åstedt

Länsmansgårdens Legolas Greenleaf, Linus, competed for his first time in agility
in Katrineholm 2005- 04- 24. He was placed at third place in the agilityclass and
got his first "moving- up" pin! He was placed at second place in the jumpclass and
got his first "moving- up" pin there too!

What a start of their agility career!

A big congratulation to his owner Anne- Li. Linus and you are a winning team! Way to go!

Photo: Högström/ Åstedt

Linus in action
Photo: Högström/ Åstedt


Länsmansgårdens Donatello Ducati, Benson, got Honoursprize, became BOB puppy and second
placement in Group 9 at the swedish Grand danois club´s show in Sollentuna rackethall 2005- 03- 19.
the judge was Per- Erik Wallin.

Big Congratulations Sirkka! Way to go!

Länsmansgårdens Donatello Ducati, Benson, got Honoursprize and became BOB puppy at
the swedish Dobermann club´s show in Sollentuna rackethall 2005- 03- 12.
the judge was Patric Ragnarsson.

Big Congratulations to his owner Sirkka!

Benson 6 months old

Länsmansgårdens Chippewa Chief, Casper, got first prize at SPK´s show in Norrköping
2005-02-06. His littersister L. Shawnee Princess, Vilma got 1, 3 och Honoursprize in
the youthclass on her first show. Judge was Tamas Jakkel, Hungary.

Caspers little owner Johanna competed in juniorhandling and became BIS- 3!
A big congratulation to all of you!
Johanna BIS- 3 juniorhandling med Casper!


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