Tilda 15 months groomed by Christina
"The most delightful..."
Our little dreamcatcher "Tilda" was born as nr. 3 in a litter of 3 and her newborn weight was 160 gram. Our beautiful dwarfpoodle Maia is her mother.

Her nicknames are Tildisen, Tildus, Vulp and Vulle.

This poodle is very special to us and she has a wonderful temperament. She is a happy, social female with lots of go and yet quite calm and loves to cuddle.
Tilda is easy to deal with and she is very obedient.
She can lay down, roll over, kick a ball, she does "give me five" on command and she loves to jump up on rocks for a candy.
Tilda´s eyes and knees are tested clear
PRA- prcd, DNA testad fri A

Tilda' s Optigen certificate
Judge critics
More pictures of Tilda
Tilda 16 months
Tilda is an elegant poodle and she has a beautiful refined head with a lovely expression in dark eyes. Long neck, lots of body, sweet feet, wellangulated rear and a good tail and tailset. Nice movements.
Judge critic at 15 months: "Typical poodle head. Good underjaw. Very good eye and expression. Excellent front assembly. Good neck flowing into very good topline and tailset. Well angulated behind. Excellent coat and colour and moves very well"

Judge was Paul Scanlon, Irland

Tilda is CAC winner!