Brenda´s eyes and knees are tested clear
Prcd A by parents
"Frisky "
Cute little Brenda was born as nr. 2 in a litter of 2 and her birth weight was 196 gram. Her nicknames are "Blenda"and "Brandy"!

Brenda is a charming toy female who loves to roll up and cuddle in our laps. Brenda is very outgoing and she is curious on the surroundings. Brenda love the walks and she is often running free in the forest. She turns around quickly and picks up the leash in her mouth and she' s carrying it proud the whole walk.
Brenda loves to play with "big sister" Katniss and "little sister" Meghan and they bust around both inside and out in the garden. Brenda likes to sneaking up on the other dogs ike the other in her line.
Brenda is often carrying a little stuff mice in her mouth and that is such a sweet attribute.

Brenda has a sweet head and expression. Good angles front and back. Sweet tiny feets. A nice tail. Good movements.
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