Swedish Champion

Fanny 2 years

Fanny´s eyes and knees are tested clear
PRA- prcd, DNA tested A- normal/ clear

Optigen Certificate Fanny

"Sweet as a lamb and tough as a terrier"
Our smallest toypoodle Fanny was born as number 2 in a litter of 2 puppies and her newborn weight was 100 gr. Our sweet toypudel Ebba is her mother.
"Funny Bunny" is her nickname and she´s a very charming creature.

Funny is a happy little girl with personality plus and she gives lots of kisses.
She is very obediant on the walks and use to run free. She loves to jump up at big stones for some candy and to balance at fallen trees. She eats blueberries from the bushies :-)

She carries big tennisballs in her tiny mouth and she loves to help me with the garden.

Funny has a lovely body, beautiful movements, straight tail with a good tailset, nice rear and small tight knuckled feet. She has a lovely head and expression.
Fanny was nr. 4 most winning toypoodle in 2005!( SPK list)
Dam of CAC & BOB winner!
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Fanny got her first CAC and became second best bitch at the swedish poodleclubs specialty show in Ljusterö 2005- 06- 12!
She got her second CAC and became Best of Breed at the swedish kennelclubs show at Gotland 2005- 07- 03!
She took her third CAC, CACIB and BOS at the swedish kennelclubs show at Högbo bruk 2005- 09- 04 . She is now a Swedish CHAMPION!!
Fanny did come back as a veteran and won several BIS!
Judge critic at 2½ year: "Small black bitch. Very beautiful head and expression. Very correct tail. Very nice angulation. Very nice movement coming and going. A very pretty bitch."
Judge was Franceska Christina, Sydafrika.