Swedish Champion
Sugarpine´s Lady Madonna

Ebba 2 years old and  BIS-4!

Ebba is a small and sweet toypoodlefemale with good exterior that came to us 7 months old from Denmark.
Ebba has lots of go in her little body and she is full of energy. She can run like a gazell and jump like a kangaroo! She can jump right up in my arms and she jumps like a rubberball when we shell go for a walk.
Ebba loves other dogs and she think´s that everyone could be a new pal inspite of their size.
Ebba has a sweet head, nice movements, good angulation and a perfect tail.
A big thanks to Ebbas breeder Pia in Denmark that we were entrusted to buy this lovely toy.
Ebba is now retired from shows and breeding.
Ebba was nr. 6 most winning toypoodle in 2003!( SPK list)
Ebba started her serious showcareer after her first litter in continental coiffure at 2 years of age.
She got 3 CAC, 2 BOB and 1 CACIB and became a Swedish CHAMPION. No missed CK (certificat quality) and she was placed at second best bitch 3 times.