Elsa´s eyes and knees are tested clear
Prcd A by parents
"the drama queen"
Our little popcorn Elsa was born as # 2 in a litter of 2 puppies and her birth weight was 186 grams. Her nicknames are "Elsa-Pelsa", "Tassi" and "Lilla Hund" (Little dog).

Elsa is not resting at all. She's a true vitamin injection and is full of activity. As she gets loose on the walk, she turns around quickly and picks up the leash in her mouth and bounces around in joy like a duracell rabbit. When Elsa wants something, she pushes her front paw to the leg. So charming! Elsa is a happy dog and she loves to play with her little "sister" Brenda and Elsa plays both inside and out in the yard. Elsa is her masters dog and she runs to him to sleep in bed when it' s bedtime. She wants to be really close and is quite still all night. A perfect bed dog.

Elsa has a very beautiful head and expression as well as an excellent pigment. Good angles front and back. Lovely strong body. A perfect tail. Nice movements.
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