Photo: Leone Nyman
Katniss eyes and knees are tested clear
Prcd A by parents

Katniss was #1 top winning dwarf female 2015 (SKK+SPK)!
"The girl on fire"
Danish import. Bred by Sonja and Benny Olsen.
Katniss was born in a litter of 5 puppies.
Her nicknames are "Katten", "Katti"!

Katniss is outgoing, positive and curious. She is bounzing like a kangaroo when she is happy and she is happy a lot.

Katniss is often carrying soft toys in her mouth and her favourite game is when other dogs chase her. Katniss loves puppies and she is a good nanny. She lays on her back on the floor and the young puppies can crawl all over her.
Katniss is an active poodle lady and she loves to show in the ring.

Katniss has a beautiful head and expression in dark small eyes. Good angulation in front and back. Sweet feets. Wellbodied. Lots of jet black coat and a perfect tail. Good movements.
Thanks Sonja and Benny for a lovely puppy!
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Katniss 7 months
Katniss 18 months

Katniss got CAC and BOS on her first show 12 months old! On her second show she got her second CAC and BOB! On her third show she got CAC, BOS, swedish junior winner and swedish winner 2015 titles!
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Katniss 18 m
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