Meghan' s eyes and knees are tested clear
PRA- prcd, hereditärt fri
"Happy pills"
Our little popcorn Meghan was born as # 2 in a litter of 2 puppies and her birth weight was 168 grams. Her nicknames are "Meg", "Meghis", "Peg" and "Peggy". She were born the same day as the prince wedding in England 2018 so her name was given and her brothers name were Harry.

Meghan is a lovely creature who likes everyone. She works well with all dogs and she often plays tug of war with big sister Elsa. Outside she usually is without leash and she loves to explore the surroundings.
Meghan is a happy pill and a lovely companion dog who likes to be with us. She loves long walks and to cuddle in the sofa. She is an easy learner and she likes attention. Meghan is a perfect dog in bed and she is quiet and calm all night.

Meghan has a wonderful head and expression with excellent pigmentation. Great angles in front and back. Tight knuckled feets. Lovely strong body with lots of coat. A perfect straight tail. Lovely movements.

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Meghan 14 months
Meghan 14 months
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