Stella´s eyes and knees are tested clear
PRA- prcd, normal/ clear by parents
"The most charming"
Little "Stella" was born as nr. 2 in a litter of 2 and her weight wa 166 gram. Our beautiful toy poodle Libby is her mother. Outgoing, lovely, beautiful and funny she was impossible to sell and she stayed in the poodle pack at Länsmansgården!

Stella is full of mischief and she likes to sneaking up on the other dogs ike the other in her line. Stella is very outgoing and she is curious on the surroundings. She likes to jump up on rocks for a treat and she can jump some agility barriers. Stella is an easy learner.
Stella is often carrying a little stuff mice in her mouth and that is such a sweet attribute.
Stella has a good body, nice angulation in front and rear and tiny knuckled feet. Perfect tail and tailset. She has a wonderful head and expression. Good underjaw.
It will be fun to follow the progress of our little "princess".
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