Libby 2 years!

Libby´s eyes and knees are tested clear
PRA- prcd, normal/ clear by parents
"The most charming"
The little sweetie pie "Libby" was born as #2 in a litter of 3 puppies and her birth weight was 166 gram. Our beautiful toy poodle Fanny is her mother. This is Fanny' s first born and eagerly awaited daughter as of course has a natural place in the pack.

Libby is very elegant and dignified. She' s loveable and like to sit in the lap. Libby is outgoing and very curious of the surroundings. She' s lithe and clever on agility obstacles. It' s lot of speed around Libby and yet she' s very calm indoors.
Libby has a good body, long neck, nice angulations and sweet tiny feets. She has a wonderful head and expression.
It will be fun to follow the progress of our little "Statue of Liberty".
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Lady Liberty 7 v
... From sea to shining sea
Like Lady Liberty
She reigns over all she sees
She's beauty and she's grace
She's Miss United States ...

Miss Congeniality