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"The circus poodle"
Sasha was born in a litter of 3 puppies. Her nicknames are "Sassi", "Brunis" and "Sash"!

Sasha is a happy and active little dwarf female. She is very curious, positive and she loves to go on a walk in the forest. Sasha is a social dog and she likes when we gets visitors and she likes to be with children.

Sasha likes agility and she flies through the tunnel and over the obstacles. She is an easy learner and likes to learn new tricks. Sasha is very playful and she loves to play with balls, soft toys with sounds and to play tug a war. When Sasha is really happy she stands on her hind legs and does high five with both front paws. Sometimes she greets us with a smile/ shows her teeth. It looks so funny. Sasha Loves puppies and is a good nanny.
Sasha's best friend is Meghan and they often play together and have fun. The favorite game is when she gets chased in high speed.
Sasha has a beautiful head and expression in small eyes. Good angulation in front and back. Sweet feets. Wellbodied. Lots of fine brown coat and a perfect tail. Good movements.

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Sasha 2 years
Sasha 2 years
Sasha 2 years walks on back legs
Sasha 2 years walks on back legs
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