Stella 4½ m
"The mischief maker..."
Our little lovely star "Stella" was born as nr. 4 in a litter of 4 and her newborn weight was 188 gr. The beautiful dwarf Ada is her mother.
Her nicknames are Stellabella and Stellsis.

This puppy is a real "bitewolf", full of mischiefs and nothing goes safe from her little sharp mouth.

Stella is active and smart. She´s a quick learner and she already jumps up on every rock at our walks to get a candy. She has also found her own way in and out of the exercise yard that none of the other poodles has found out :-)

Stella is also a very sweet puppy that likes to cuddle, gives lots of kisses and her favouriteplace is to lay in my knee in front of the computer.
It will be fun to follow this little "jewel" in the future.
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Stella has a beautiful head with small dark eyes and a lovely expression. Good underjaw. Long ears.
Steady and welldeveloped body. Wellangulated rear. Good tailset. Wonderful movements.